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What Are Some Of The Different Types Of Autism Spectrum Therapy Your Child Can Receive?

Jo Sanders

If your child is on the autism spectrum, you likely want to provide them with the best support possible. You may have considered some form of autism spectrum therapy. Autism spectrum therapy covers a wide range of different types of therapy, and for your child to get the most benefit, it's probably best to try a well-rounded approach with multiple types of therapy. This might require going to different appointments, working with medical professionals and therapists in your home, and more. These are some of the different types of therapy that might be helpful for your child.

Speech and Language Therapy

First of all, many children who are on the autism spectrum benefit greatly from speech and language therapy. If your child is non-verbal or has problems with speech, then this therapy is sure to be particularly effective. Your child might get help with communicating verbally, or they might get help with communicating in other ways. Some non-verbal children who are on the spectrum learn to communicate by using hand signals or gestures, pictures, and more. Even if your child does pretty well with speech and language, they can probably benefit from this therapy. If your child struggles a little more, then you might be really impressed by the progress that they can make with a speech and language therapist, particularly over time.

Occupational Therapy

Of course, you probably don't mind helping your child with things like bathing, getting dressed, or brushing their teeth. However, you probably want to help your child learn how to do these things independently if at all possible. This can be challenging for many children who are on the autism spectrum, but this doesn't mean that your child can't learn these things. In fact, this is the entire goal of occupational therapy. A therapist will work with your child based on age-appropriate things that they can learn in regards to taking care of themselves as independently as possible. This can help your child both now and later in life, and it can make things easier for you as a parent, too.

Social Skills Therapy

As you might already know, many children (and adults) who are on the autism spectrum struggle with social skills. Naturally, you probably want to help your child have social skills around their peers and around adults. Social skills therapy is designed to help your child with this so they can have relationships with family members, make friends, and more.


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